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About us

A brief history of the production and distribution of the Honey Ginger

Medovník original has become a permanent part of  offer of selected confectioneries, cafes, hotels, restaurants and other gastro operation thanks to its quality and unmistakable taste. Company decided to enter to retail chains Czech and Slovak Republics in 2010. Our the largest customers are Lidl, Kaufland, Tesco, Macro, Bill and Globus, where Gingerbread Original has won its regular and satisfied customers.

It is exported mainly to Slovakia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. In 2018 Due to the ever-growing interest in our honey cake, we expanded our production plant to include gluten-free cake space and increased capacity to meet the ever-increasing demand.

Come and see how we have been doing it since 1996. Production, company premises.


VIZARD, s.r.o. is a Czech company situated in Prague, which will celebrate 25 years of its existence in 2021. it has grown from an originally family-owned company to its present form. It is employing more than 100 professional bakers and confectioners and producing approximately 120,000 pieces of honey cakes a month.



Medovník is available at these stores:

VIZARD s.r.o.
VIZARD s.r.o., Ke Skále 1072
tel:. +420-272 657 530, e-mail:
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