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"When Mariana Chibovská made her traditional
honey cake for a special occasion in Prague
in the spring of 1996, no one knew that
a legend among cakes had just been born
in the Czech Republic.”


About Medovník

is the first cake of its kind to be marketed in the Czech Republic. It was launched as early as 1997, when it received its trademark. It is completely different from other cakes and not only in its appearance. Since the very beginning, Medovník has gradually won over even the most demanding gourmets with its delicate, balanced and captivating taste. It is 100 % handmade according to an old traditional Slavic recipe from five separate honey sheets interspersed with two types of creams. It comes in five different sizes: as a single serving of 130 g, a quarter of 380 g, a small cake of 850 g, a deep frozen cake of 1600 g and the classic version of 1600 g.


Medovník original Premium

We presented new raw of product „Medovník originál PREMIUM“ in spring 2018. It is indicated with great amount of walnuts, which cover all cakes. It is possible in 3 versions of size 145g, 425 g a 800 g.


Medovník original gluten free


We finished long and hard development of next line in November 2018. This line helps to many of ours customers, who didn´t have chance to enjoy taste Medovník, cause their healthy handicap. It was invented gluten-free version, which you have been able to buy in Kaufland, Albert, Tesco and Lidl since February 2019. 




Medovník original Pikao

We have prepared for you a new product that we complement our products with a cocoa cake as the flagship for 2019.  We made one of the creams from the legendary Pikaa which gave the name to this cake - please get to know the original Pikao

Soft and balanced harmony of tastes with unmistakable cacao cream is dominant for this product, which makes your desire to have next piece, it is mixed of sweet feelings of nostalgia. …Enjoy it :)



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